How to become a radio DJ

How to become a Radio DJ

How to become a Radio DJ – For people who want to become a radio DJ and get in this type of broadcasting environment, our guide to becoming a radio DJ will help you in what is a very competitive field. Hopefully, our below guide on How to become a Radio DJ will help you.

Get any and all practical DJing or radio presentation experience you can.

One of the first steps we recommend is to get as much actual real world experience as possible. This will help you get to know the ropes of the business and get you on the first run of the ladder to your career in radio.

Try and take advantage of any opportunities in local radio. Many of the top radio presenters started in smaller more localised radio stations. One possibility is hospital radio, this is where a hospital has its own radio station broadcasted over its PA system. The best way to get into this type of presenting is to volunteer or apply to your local hospital.

Hone your presentation skills.

While you are out there gaining practical experience, it’s a good to pay attention to the different kinds of verbal skills that you will need to progress your career as a radio presenter.

Think about any verbal issues you may have, and how you will go about correcting them. Try to perfect the sound and tone of your voice so it’s appealing as possible to the widest audience.

Work on you microphone technique. Experienced radio DJs recommend working extensively with various microphones and the listening back to the recording in order to figure out how to use a microphone effectively. This includes not crowding the mic, to stop your voice sounding muffled, this will help you figure out the best microphone distances for the optimal acoustics.

Acquire degrees in communications.

There are a few communications degrees that can help you land those radio DJ jobs, these will help you get access to a greater range of jobs in the industry.

Create a demo for radio stations.

After you have got some experience and have become comfortable with presenting on the radio, as a career focused individual, you can create a demo presentation that you will be able to show to radio stations or other potential employers.

Get networking, create connections and grow a professional reputation.

Some of the most successful radio presenters have had a long career by networking and developing a personal brand. To develop your individual brand you will need to promote your skills and reputation as a professional radio DJ and a popular public figure.

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