Best DJ Headphones


Being a serious DJ means you have to have the right equipment for the job and picking headphones is no exception. As with anything there is a huge range to suit any budget but what are the main things you need to look out for:


Your headphones must fold otherwise there is a good chance they will get damaged fairly quickly and you also may only want to use one ear.

Over Ear

To deaden outside sound so you can concentrate on the music. Nothing must detract from your magic making.

Cable length

No point in having something to short if you intend to move around.


To some this is paramount and others of no interest. This choice is
just a question of preference and personal style.


This is something that is dependent on individual taste but you will need to beware of drowning out other instruments in your mix.


Possibly one of the most important things to consider, especially for long gigs. So you don’t want hard ear pads and comfort level that suit you.

Best High-end DJ Headphones


1. Sony MDR-Z1R High-Resolution Audio Premium Over-Ear Headphones


We would highly recommend these high-end DJ headphones to anyone wanting to take their DJ personal headphones to the next level. These Sony MDR-Z1R headphones score high in all the key areas from build quality, design, comfort and performance. The Sony MDR-Z1R headphones are one the best headphones you could ever own.


2. AKG K812PRO Superior Open-Back Over-Ear

The AKG K812PRO headphones are a beautifully designed, very comfortable and elegantly sounding pair of headphones. If you have liked the AKG sound before then these are very well rounded headphones for the price.

3. Blue Ella Planar Magnetic Headphones with Built-In Audiophile Amp

The Blue Ella Planar Magnetic Headphones are a amazing choice. A fantastic mix of sound and hardware. The Blue Ella Planar Magnetic Headphones are, without a doubt, an exceptional pair of DJ headphones.


Best Budget DJ Headphones


1. Pioneer DJ HDJ-500-R – DJ Headphones

The Pioneer HDJ-500-R are excellent headphones for the price. The Pioneer HDJ-500-R headphones have great overall sound quality. They are very comfortable and very lightweight. The cool rotating right earpiece is a great extra. The Pioneer HDJ-500-R headphones are perfect for beginner DJ’s.

2. AKG K240 STUDIO Professional Semi-Open, Over-Ear Studio Headphones

The AKG K240 Studio headphones are very reliable, extremely comfortable, and very especially accurate. The AKG K240 Studio headphones have a distinctive semi-open design and have an extremely wide dynamic range, fantastic detail, and astounding sensitivity.

3. Numark Redwave Carbon High-Quality Full-Range DJ Headphones

The Numark Redwave Carbon High-Quality Full-Range DJ Headphones are designed for the professional DJ. They are very  comfortable with a closed-cup design which is excellent for outside noise isolation. The Numark Redwave Carbon High-Quality Full-Range DJ Headphones also have a convenient swivel design on one cup making them very easy to wear one-sided between the DJ’s ear and shoulder.