Best DJ Lighting 2017

Best DJ Lighting 2017

Best DJ Lighting 2017 – So far 2017 has been an enormous year for DJ lights. We’ve gotten additional wireless, portable, and better quality lighting. Here’s our current list for the best DJ lighting of 2017 so far.

ADJ Starburst Rotating Effect Light

The ADJ Starburst is a LED sphere effect that rotates to your music while shooting out super-sharp, multi-color beam effects. With a light source consisting of five 15W HEX (RGBWA+Purple) LEDs, the Starburst provides access to a wider pallet of colours than previously possible, giving you the flexibility and creative scope to entrance your audience with unique hues and attention-grabbing effects.

ADJ 80W LED Simulated Water Effect

Creating flowing water effects on walls, ceilings, and floors is easy for the ADJ H2O DMX IR. The lightweight, mobile design makes it easy for DJs to transport from gig to gig. It can also be mounted for permanent installation. 2 operational modes are available: seamless scrolling colours or static colour, and a heavy-duty fan keeps the unit cool for all-night-long continuous operation (no duty cycle). Now DMX controllable, or operated with the UC IR wireless remote or Airstream IR app control system (sold separately), the H2O DMX IR from American DJ is sure to be a hit at your next show. Pictures and words really don’t come close to being able to describe the sheer hypnotic power of this little gem.

Chauvet Mini Kinta IRC High Power 3W LED

Fitted with 3W LEDs to punch through nearly any ambient lighting, Mini Kinta fills the room with sharp beams and features more output and broader coverage than derby effects twice its size. Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall coverage is effortless with red, green, blue and white effects. Let the built-in programs do the work or use DMX to program your own light show.

Marq Lighting Rezotube Pack

Add brilliant, dramatic effects to your shows! Five 1-meter LED tube effects light delivers the ultimate visual performance experience, whether you set the lights to be synchronised to the music or set them for independent operation. Either way, with 32 ultra bright high-resolution LEDs per tube, the effects are spectacular—and crisp from any viewing distance. Multiple mounting options ensure total setup flexibility and a convenient carry case makes transport easy.

ADJ Aggressor Hex

The Aggressor HEX LED is one of the most popular American DJ lighting effects. Now powered by two 12-watt six-in-one HEX LEDs, the Aggressor uses six colours built into each LED (red, green, blue, cyan, amber & white) for more colour options and a brighter output. The Aggressor HEX LED is easy to set-up and use right out of the box. Choose the built-in Sound activation mode with 60 different reactions that move to the sound of the music leaving you free to concentrate on other aspects of your performance. Thanks to the addition of IEC in/out connectors you can easily daisy chain power from one fixture to the next, or to multiple Aggressor HEX LED fixtures if desired. And with an approximate 50,000 hours of operation time, the Aggressor HEX LED will go well into the night and beyond for a long time.

ADJ Vertigo Hex

There are few DJ lighting effects as popular as the ADJ Vertigo, and the Vertigo HEX LED takes this iconic instrument to a whole new level. For starters, the Vertigo HEX LED casts 32 tight beams of richly coloured light that dance and strobe to the music, pulse and spin with the rhythm, and generally pump up the energy of the show. Whether you’re a club DJ, a wedding DJ, or even a musician looking for a cool effect to add to the show, you can trust this tried-and-true classic. And because it’s loaded with hex-color LEDs, you’ll get clearer, crisper, more vibrant and saturated beams of light than ever from your Vertigo HEX LED fixture.

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