Best Karaoke Software

Best Karaoke Software

Best Karaoke software – Everybody has probably had a stage in their youth where they stood in front of their bathroom mirror, pretending to be their favourite pop star, singing their greatest hits. In the 1990s the karaoke machine became very popular and brought drunken, out of key joy to all. Today it’s easy for anybody to set up a karaoke in their living room, at their PCs, on their cell phones, or even on the web. Here is our list of the best karaoke software that you should try out and get to let your inner pop star out.

KaraFun Player

27,000 studio-quality songs: KaraFun gives you more than 27,000 high-quality karaoke songs recorded in professional studios. Your device instantly becomes the perfect karaoke machine!

Offline Sync: Hosting a karaoke party in the country house? KaraFun’s got your back even when you’re off the grid. Sync the songs that you like (or need) offline and keep the party going!

Custom key & tempo: Customize the key and tempo of any song in their catalogue. Get singing, your way!

Singer Management: Designed for the singer’s, the queue allows you to add anybody’s name to an upcoming song and the order of songs.


Kanto Karaoke

Karaoke Player: Kanto Karaoke supports all multimedia formats : MP3, Mid, Kar, Kfn, Mp3 + Cdg , karaoke videos ( . Avi, .Wmv, .Mp4, etc …) .

Sing Recording: Record your voice on the music, sing and record your performance! Mic settings available.

Midi to MP3: Direct conversion midi to mp3, with or without melody track. High-quality sound in output thanks to soundfonts.


iStar Karaoke

You don’t need SingStar to have a great time on karaoke at home. If you’ve got a Mac, iStar Karaoke is an easy option although you may experience rather mixed results with it.

iStar Karaoke can import almost anything including CD+G, KAR, AIFF, and MP3 files so you’re not restricted to buying expensive CDs like you are with SingStar. Once you’ve imported your tunes, you can compile a playlist based o the genre such as love, party, birthdays and whatever other occasions you may be limbering up for. Importing from a CD is easy but the problem is that you need a CD+G compatible drive of which there aren’t many according to the developer’s website. If you do have one, simply insert a CD and click on the iStar Karaoke import icon.

The problem with other formats is that sometimes it fails to import those that it’s supposed to support which many users have also complained about.


Aria Karaoke Pro

Sick of carrying a big heavy karaoke machine system to your gigs and house parties? Try ARIAs new free Karaoke player. This is a basic windows KARAOKE player, that will allow you to play your own Karaoke Song files in the MP3+g, WAV+g, or .zip file format on your laptop or home computer.

Some Of ARIA free Karaoke Player features: Adjust the pitch of song while playing. Virtual Case for karaoke songs. Use the built-in KARAOKE LOCKER song store to purchase and download from tens-of-thousands of karaoke tunes.



KARAOKI for Windows is professional karaoke software designed for the modern karaoke host and karaoke venues. Karaoki includes an advanced automatic singer rotation list with singer history, key control, news ticker, next singers screen, a song book exporter and printer, a filler music player and many other features designed so you can host karaoke shows faster and easier!  Now with integrated support for SongBookDB, a robust remote song-singer request platform.

Their karaoke software supports MP3+G, WAV+G, most zipped MP3+G/WAV+G formats, Karaoke Cloud Pro and various video files. Enhance and manage your karaoke shows with ease using this simple yet powerful karaoke software player that sets new standards in karaoke show hosting.


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