How To Create A DJ Mix

How To Create A DJ Mix

How To Create A DJ Mix – When creating your mix first you need to ask yourself, Who’s my target audience? How are you going to mix it and will it be structured?

One problem when creating a DJ there is no immediate feedback loop, but on the upside, you have a more time to prepare and multiple changes to start over and tweak your mix. However, before you get mixing check out our top time on How To Create A DJ Mix

Should I Mix my DJ Set In Ableton or Live?

If you are going to use your mix to land a gig then you really need to mix it live, you want your mix to prove that you can do a live mix.  If you have made a crazy complicated mix in Ableton then you are not showing that you can mix live, this, in turn, might cost you landing the gig. With that said if you are trying to sell your mix, then you want it as professional as possible and you should use Ableton.

You need to Know Your DJ Set’s Audience

Knowing your audience means you will know what type of mix you need to produce. For example, a mix for a chilled out pool party is massively different from a super nightclub. Knowing your audience will determine track selection, the correct energy levels and length. getting these right will help your mix land with that audience.

Getting your Track Selection & Order right

Traction selection is really down to you but you should bare your audience mind, however, with the track order this really comes down to energy levels that you want the track to hit. select the tracks you feel are right, don’t necessarily just pick the current most popular tracks if they don’t fit with what you are trying to achieve. If you have the opportunity to throw in some of your favourite old tracks then do it, don’t be scared you may discover some great connections.

Transitions play a big role

It’s possible to make a great DJ mix with a single type of transition but for the best result its advisable to use a combination. This can help with mixing tracks that don’t necessarily fit together, this will all so add variety to your DJ mix. though if you are mixing a single genre then your best bet is matching all the way through your mix.

You will need to Mix In Key

Some tracks even being from the same genre and having the same BPM you will find that they just don’t go together.  If you don’t want to create a DJ mix with discord, then you really need to mix in key, which will improve the quality and sound of your set.

To use EQing, Effects, Looping & Filters or not

Some DJs come down on the side that using these tools will ruin the purity of the track, while other DJs think that using these effects will enhance the original track. At the end of the day, you need to use your own style and mixing technique to create your own unique sound.

How long should your DJ mix be

The industry standard for a DJ mix is around an hour, but there isn’t really a concrete rule. Unless someone has requested a specific length for your mix an hour should be more than enough time to showcase your DJ mix ability, along with your song selection.

Packaging & Distribution of your mix

It may not seem it but this is very important when getting someone to engage and listen to your mix. You need to have the right name for your track as well as artwork. You will also need to distribute it in a way that will get your track played play by those who will enjoy it. And remember your DJ mix artwork needs to be in line with the type of the music.

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