DJ Etiquette Series Part 2

DJ Etiquette Series Part 2

DJ Etiquette Series Part 2 – In the second part of our DJ Etiquette Series we cover dealing with club owners, patrons and bouncers. Hopefully this post will help make your DJing experience go a lot easier.

DJ Etiquette with Club Owners

Club owners are businessmen first, also there’s a good chance that the owners have little to no interest in your DJing passion. On top of that they are busy, so make their life easy and keep any communication short and sweet. This way you’re more likely to get regular gigs.

Make sure to drop your demos off in person and NOT in the mail.

Always be available to book a gig, also be ready to meet a club owner in person. Make yourself available as you don’t want to lose your spot.

Don’t assume you will get paid straight after the gigs done, you are probably at the end of a long list of people owed.

Remember it’s their club, so don’t pull your face if you are asked to change the music, just get on with it.

Depending on the policy of the club you’re gigging at, you’re more than likely to get a couple of drinks sent your way. Remember not to drink too much as you don’t want to lose your wits. If it’s your first gig then it’s probably for the best to steer clear of alcohol and just focus on your set.

Make sure to follow up at the club, check for any future gigs and let them know you’re available.

Try to get to know the booker, making friends with booker is a great way to get gigs in the future.

DJ Etiquette with the Patrons

The customer is king, and this business is no different. At the end of the day the patrons are the one’s keeping you and the club in business, you need to bear this in mind.

Things to keep in mind when a club goer requests a song:

Don’t be a dick about it, be as polite as possible. More than likely most of the club goers will be drunk, so just remember this when dealing with people.

Just because someone requests a track doesn’t mean you have to play it. Also, it’s a good way to judge what the clientele of the club wants to listen to.

A great way to deflect a patrons song request is two thumbs up and a big smile. This gives a positive response to the patron and more than likely they won’t come back. On the off chance, they do you can honestly say that you didn’t hear them.

If /when you are taking requests you are best to bring a pen and pad. This allows you to remain focused on what you are doing and sort the requested track later on. Having this list also gives you something to fall back on if you need it.

What if you are offered money to play something

Accept the money and put it to one side, Tell the person you will try your best to get their song played. If you manage to play the requested song then you keep the money. If you don’t mange to play the requested track, and they come back for their money then give it back. If they don’t come back for the money then it’s yours.
Keeping drinks away from equipment

Ask politely that people keep their drinks away from the DJing equipment. If after a few polite requests the message isn’t getting through then get security to sort it out.

Someone is bothering you and won’t take the hint

If someone starts to become aggressive and won’t leave you alone, don’t confront them directly, get security to sort it.

Maintain your personal space

Don’t be afraid to make your personal area clear, also don’t be afraid to ask people to leave your personal area.

Don’t be that DJ who hits on women all night.

Just don’t 🙂

DJ Etiquette with the Bouncers

Two things to remember about bouncers is they want to get paid and go home. With that said bear this in mind when you are playing your last tracks. It’s best to keep the bouncers on side and as happy as possible. The happier these guys are the easier your life will be.


In conclusion, you want to try and keep your professionalism as high as possible and your profile low. The club and nightlife scene can be small even in the biggest cities in the world, so try to keep your nose clean as gossip spreads fast. Try and follow our guide to DJ Etiquette and you won’t go too far.

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