Where to Find Cheap Vinyl Records

Where to Find Cheap Vinyl Records

Where to Find Cheap Vinyl Records – Buying and collecting vinyl is important when you’re a DJ and can be addictive as well as potentially very expensive. One of the best parts of buying vinyl records is the joy and sense of achievement when you find a classic for £1 in a car boot sale or charity shop. This boils down to people loving a bargain and finding a hidden gem, and obviously, this gets harder and harder as time goes on and certain vinyl becomes rarer.

In this post we go over some tips on how to find vinyl records and at the best price possible as well as identifying the actual condition of the record, letting you know if the record is worth a few extra quid or that damaged that it’s not even worth your time or effort. So let’s go over the where to find cheap vinyl records.

Carboot sales

The trouble with finding records at car boot sales is that chances are the people selling know what they have, so you probably won’t stumble on a record worth £500 for a pound. On the other hand though, if you visit car boot sales frequently your chance of finding that needle in the haystack and coming across a real bargain are far better. Remember to make sure you clean your records before playing them to avoid damaging your equipment.

Charity Shops

When buying vinyl at charity shops, remember to check out the records before you buy. It’s pretty common to find the wrong records in sleeves or that the records are in an unplayable condition. Remember to check the condition of not just the record, but the sleeve too. Chances are if the sleeves in bad condition the record will be too, but you won’t know unless you check. Also, remember that the record is only worth what you are willing to pay for it. As with records bought from car boot sales clean your records before playing them.


Amazon is one of the more easier ways to find and buy vinyl records. With Amazon making it so easy to find what you’re after and the fact you can get it delivered straight to your door, it’s definitely worth a look. Amazon’s stock is quickly increasing in size, in both used and new vinyl. Prices tend to range quite drastically depending on condition and who is selling them. Additionally, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can get most of the vinyl you order on next day delivery.


eBay has made the selling, buying and shipping of vinyl extremely easy, even more so than something like Craigslist. Like Amazon, it’s great for finding used vinyl records and increasing your collection. With all this said you need to be very careful as you’re taking people at their word. Make sure you use Ebay’s seller rating system, this helps keep the more dodgy sellers in line and lets you know who to avoid.


So to recap, check out some of the websites, shops and car boot sales we mentioned above. Remember to take your time to find that hidden gem and most of all have fun.


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