Getting Started as a DJ

Getting Started as a DJ

Getting Started as a DJ – Before you get started on your DJ career you need to find out what type of DJ you want to become. When starting out we would recommend if possible you find a friend or a local community centre that has DJ equipment that you would be able to practice on. This way you able to try some DJ equipment without having to buy. DJ equipment is very expensive and a new DJ setup is going to be worth hundreds of pounds.

Before you play in public it’s a good idea to practice and hone your skills first. If you enjoy DJing, listening and creating music, then with plenty of practice there’s no reason why you can’t become a successful DJ and make a living from what you love doing. Even if you’re not making a full time living from DJing you can still do it as a side job at first before getting started as a DJ.

So what type of DJ do you want to be?

Club DJ

You already know the workings of DJing, but you want to be the next big thing or at least get a couple of free drinks while showing off your music collection.

Find out here to turn your hobby into a career.

Mobile DJ

So why start a mobile DJ business? Do you love music? Enjoy entertaining people? or just want to be the centre of attention.

Find out more about becoming a Mobile DJ.

Radio DJ

For people who want to become a radio DJ, they need to know it’s a very competitive field but also a potentially rewarding one.

Find out about starting your career as a Radio DJ.