Our Guide to Becoming a Professional Club DJ

Our Guide to Becoming a Professional Club DJ

Now you’ve honed your DJing skills, you’re ready to take it to the next level and become a world-famous DJ or at the very least a few free drinks at the bar while getting paid to do something you love. Our Guide to Becoming a Professional Club DJ and turn your passion into a career.

1. What Equipment

If you are at this stage you have probably already decided whether you want to spin old-school vinyl or use a laptop and MP3 player. Maybe you have tried both but still not sure. (Check out our equipment guide here). Obviously, each has their pros and cons and you will need to find out what works best for you. With that said you will be expected to provide your own equipment.

2. Music Collection

Cultivate a wide range of a music collection that covers the type of venues you want to DJ at. You will potentially have to play a single style of music continually for over four-five hours, as well as dealing with clubbers requests. We would always recommend bringing double the music you think you will need, when working a club, you never know how the night could turn out.

3. Scope Out Venues

If you haven’t already it would make sense to go to the clubs you hope to DJ at and even ones you don’t. Even if it’s not your style of music or your ideal venue, it’s important to know who and where your next potential gig might be.

4. Get to know the Scene

This builds on the previous step, get some face time in and become a regular at clubs and bars that you like. Try to get to know everyone from the bartenders to the regular clientele. Make an effort and keep making friends. Be genuine, but don’t be that annoying guy that turns up every weekend and asks a million questions. Make friends, don’t overstep the mark with people and eventually, they will hire you.

5. Get Yourself out there

Another way to get noticed is to record one of your sets you perform if you got hired, add some cover art with your social media page (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc…), and give it out to management in the clubs and bars that you now know. Be sure to give it out in a friendly, genuine manner, you don’t want to come across as creepy or a slimy promoter.

6. Book a party

If you are finding it difficult get hired as a DJ you may want to think about getting some friends, family, co-works, anyone to fill a venue. If you have got friendly with Bar and club staff/owners then try asking them to let you book your own event. This is a great way to get some real-world experience and if you can get someone to video the event you can use the footage to create a promo reel.


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